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Breathe Meditation is a serene studio and retreat space. We offer an opportunity to slow down, still the body and quiet the mind as we guide you along a path that spirals inward. This path leads you to a place of comfort and peace where your spirit feels at home. We offer group classes, one-to-one instruction and custom coaching programs for personal transformation of limiting beliefs that keep us stuck repeating counter productive emotional and behavioral patterns.

Every class at Breathe is an invitation to:

  • breathe out stress and breathe in calm;
  • bring balance to body, thoughts and emotions for your highest good and well-being;
  • retrain the mind and rewire the brain for inner harmony, focus and clarity; and
  • to connect to higher wisdom and the intuitive mind.

Accept the invitation and begin to reap the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual benefits that regular meditation practice offers. Try a group class or phone to schedule your private introduction to meditation at a discounted rate.

If you have any questions about breathing, meditation, yoga or any of our offerings, just text or phone us at 954-870-0508. Or you can send an email.

Gift Certificates Available

A Breathe Meditation gift certificate is a beautiful way to say “I care” to loved ones, peers, colleagues or anyone you know who is exhausted, stressed, anxious, thinks too much or is otherwise in need of deep relaxation. Learn more.

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