Breathe Meditation’s offerings focus on the things you can do using what you already have on hand – breath, body and mind – to create greater well being, experience personal transformation or to connect more consciously to your spiritual nature.

And it starts with 4 simple things – you choose what interests you:

  1. learning how to use the breath to heal and relax
  2. mindful movement to release neuro-muscular tension & develop basic strength and flexibility, especially in the mind
  3. meditation to learn to control the nature of your thoughts
  4. a powerful yet simple technique to transform subconscious self-sabotage,  stuck emotions and  limiting beliefs to empowering ones that allow you to manifest what you want in your life – and it really works!

The end result is an improved  sense of health and well being, personal transformation and spiritual contentment. And neither experience nor the ability to sit on the floor (with or without crossed legs) is necessary.

Breathe’s classes, courses and personal coaching programs will move you from stressed to calm, transform chaos to clarity, and replace limiting beliefs you have about yourself and the world around you with ones that empower so your life becomes richer with more moments of peace and feelings of joy.

We offer small group classes and private instruction in the form of personalized and custom-designed programs in a safe, supportive and nonjudgmental environment. Everyone is welcomed. Join us for a class, a course, a workshop or special event. Or phone to schedule an appointment to heal blocked emotions and limiting beliefs from the subconscious mind using an effective, incredibly simple protocol.


If you have any questions about our offerings, meditation or yoga, just text or phone us at 954-870-0508. Or you can send an email.

Gift Certificates Available

A Breathe Meditation gift certificate is a beautiful way to say “I care” to loved ones, peers, colleagues or anyone you know who is exhausted, stressed, anxious, thinks too much or is otherwise in need of deep relaxation. Learn more.

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