Breathe & Relax: The Art of Being

A deliciously simple practice 


Sunday, Next Date TBA

10:00am  to 11:30am


Show yourself some love! Join us for the next Breathe & Relax. This is a deliciously simple practice where the focus is on the art of “being” and the space is created and held for you to let go and practice self-care.

You will release the dense energy of stress, fatigue and overwhelm and replace them with the higher frequency energies of calm, peace, and serenity. This practice is all about letting go into blissfulness and renewing at cellular level.

Even if only for 90 minutes, simplify your life with this gentle practice – it’s worth it! The session includes preparatory relaxation practices to help you mentally shift gears, the art of basic pranayama (breathing techniques), sublime music, easy meditation, yoga nidra for either deep relaxation and/or rejuvenating sleep and just hanging out immersed in a ocean of peace.

Relaxation tea will be provided. Enjoy it in the relaxation lounge, studio or on our balcony. : )

Be kind to yourself. Experience this shift from “doing” to “being”. You won’t regret it!

Space is limited! Save yours by registering in advance. Register here:

Space is limited. Register in advance. $25

3000 North Federal Highway, Suite 5, Fort Lauderdale, Florida 33306   954-870-0508

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