Workshops & Master Classes

Chakra Love!

Sundays, next series begins in March, 2020

Date TBA

2:00pm to 3:30pm


Learn what are chakras and why they are a fascinating tool of self-discovery.

Discover hidden influences on your natural tendencies, habits, and fears

Explore yourself from a new perspective as you assess the extent to which the energy of chakra is balanced. In the process, make discerning observations such as whether:

  • you are a “stable” person or you fear change
  • “fun” activities are for the sake of pleasure or as a means of escape
  • you are a leader or control freak
  • you are the martyr, guru or lover
  • you are attuned to higher states of consciousness often, sometimes or rarely - perhaps you’re attuned more than you suspect!

Develop & Balance the 7 primary chakras through:

  • Awareness and understanding
  • Stones/crystals and oils
  • Breathing Practices
  • Meditation Practices
  • Mudras
  • Mantras
  • Sounds

Celebrate and expand what serves you, release what doesn’t!


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A student's reflections

. . . how the practices are selected, sequenced and guided, the mystical aspect of creating and holding the space, the phenomenal meditation . . . all combine to make this series truly transforming. 

M. Neimeier

This chakra course goes far beyond sharing the colors, symbolism and location of the chakras. It will shed light on the profound way the state of the primary energy centers within you shape who you are, and how your choices and behavior indicate where energy may be congested or obstructed.

The course is offered in 7 parts, each part consists of a 3-week series plus 1 bonus class that also serves as a make-up class in case you miss a session. Participants register for each part of the course individually.