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Meditation Practice Descriptions

Experience is not necessary. Sessions are suitable for all phases and stages of life.

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Yoga Mindful 45 - Mondays 6pm

Yoga Mindful is mindfulness on the mat. You will practice asana (yoga postures) as relaxation. The focus is to relax tension from body and mind and cultivate greater self awareness and control. It’s an excellent way to recover from stress related to the day’s activities and concerns, to begin to learn to manage the mind, and to prepare for meditation. This class, suitable for everyone, is primarily gentle yoga postures. Complete the relaxation process by also registering for the Yoga Nidra class that follows right after.

Advance Registration required – space is limited! Pay cash at door. $10 if you’re registered for a single yoga nidra class or $5 if you have a class pass or membership.

Yoga Nidra Meditation & Relaxation - Mondays 7pm

Yoga Nidra is pure relaxation! Join us for this practice of Classical Yoga Nidra. Working from the most subtle levels, it takes you beyond the mind and allows you to move between the layers of conscious (an extraordinary experience) using nothing more than the facilitator’s voice. Classical Yoga Nidra releases all physical tension, all mental tension and all emotional tension. If you feel tired, worn out, or overwhelmed – this is the practice your shouldn’t miss. If you are stressed, anxious or lethargic this is the practice you should’t miss. If you want to disconnect and just stop for a moment, this practice is for you. And if you’re in need of self-care . . . . . Yoga Nidra is waiting for you. Note: Please bring a yoga mat.

Quiet Mind, Peaceful Heart Meditation 60

Learn and practice a variety of meditation practices from the yogic tradition. Practices relax you and at the same time work behind the scenes to help you to develop powers of focus & concentration and heighten awareness of the more subtle realms of experience, and of your personal energy imprint. Come with a mind and heart ready for deep peace. Periodically themes and related meditation practices will be intuitively selected by the instructor. No meditation experience is required for this (or any) of our classes.

Quiet Mind, Peaceful Heart lays the foundation for the higher and later stages of meditation practice, which go beyond relaxation to the experience of an inner spiritual connection.

Meditation & the Mind: Mindfulness & Beyond (how to quiet the mind and create inner silence)

Are you the boss of your mind . . .  or is it the boss of you? Oftentimes our minds run amok with a turbulent flow of thoughts and emotions. This is the source of  tension or distress that arises in life. This meditation practice offers a solution. It empowers you to take the reins of the mind and steer it in the direction you choose rather than it running wild. In this class you will systematically learn to take the reins of your mind and manage your thoughts – during meditation practice but also in your day-to-day life. With dedicated practice you can liberate yourself from constant negative thinking, worrying or ruminating about things that don’t make you feel good. (There’s also a super-charged path to liberation, ask me about it if you want to make fast change to your thinking patterns.)

This class includes, but goes beyond, basic mindfulness practices. The practice doesn’t require your mind to be still or empty to be effective. And it’s an ideal practice for everyone – from absolute beginner to expert meditators. If there is one meditation practice we should all master, this is it.



Everyday Wellness

Everyday Wellness is a balanced set of self-care practices, that may include Qi Gong, classical Yoga, pranayama (breathing practices), meditation and more. This practice is an active, yet relaxing, sequence of slower-paced, mindful movement of body and balancing of energy. If you’re looking for a simple, efficient and holistic way to practice complete self-care – this is it. Everyday Wellness is offered in an intimate, semi-private setting limited to 5 students. Each class is custom-designed to meet the needs and interests of students. This allows for a great deal of customization and personalized care and ensures classes meet your specific needs.

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