I wanted to thank you now, in whatever way I could, for gifting me this morning with your love and vision. Your deep wisdom brought and is bringing deep healing. Thank you for sharing the Angels/guides vs. mothering story. It took a second for me to integrate that, but it was spot on and the answer, it turns out, to the deeper question I’ve been wrestling with the last two weeks with my confusion over writing vs. traditional job search.

And you also answered the pattern of the pain problem, which I didn’t even know I had a question about. The answer, though, is your insight that I need only to accept what I am asking for.

I also can see that I got a premonition maybe six weeks ago that this issue was going to come up in precisely the place where it came up.

I’m going to try to create space for me to reflect and integrate all that you’ve shown me and allowed me to see. Thank you for feeling my need. I didn’t even know what I needed, but you came, and you gave it. I am so deeply grateful. You embodied those angel wings. Thank you, thank you



Coaching with Soul


Description: Coaching with Soul is an 8-week program, custom-designed for each client, that includes:

  • Life Coaching

  • A custom-designed protocol of practices that leads you to your goals. They will be derived from Yoga/Meditation, energy healing & restructuring modalities, reprogramming subconscious beliefs, heart-brain coherence, intuitive guidance, breathing and relaxation practices, growth mindset, and more. 

  • 8 x 1-hour Coaching sessions 

  • 7 x 15-20 minute optional check-in phone calls

  • Design and review of homework and home practices 

 Coaching session dates will be scheduled during your Introductory call.

 I’m delighted you’re interested in Coaching with Soul!

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Working with Gyanpriya helped me to explore my life in different ways and on different levels than I had previously known.

When I look “out” at the world now, I am beginning to see things differently.

I have an openness and clarity that never quite existed in me before. I keep learning about me.

The work we did together through our expansive sessions has been transformative.

Rich Yavel