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Working with Gyanpriya helped me to explore my life in different ways and on different levels than I had previously known.

When I look “out” at the world now, I am beginning to see things differently.

I have an openness and clarity that never quite existed in me before. I keep learning about me.

The work we did together through our expansive sessions has been transformative.

Rich Yavel


I wanted to thank you now, in whatever way I could, for gifting me this morning with your love and vision. Your deep wisdom brought and is bringing deep healing. Thank you for sharing the Angels/guides vs. mothering story. It took a second for me to integrate that, but it was spot on and the answer, it turns out, to the deeper question I’ve been wrestling with the last two weeks with my confusion over writing vs. traditional job search.

And you also answered the pattern of the pain problem, which I didn’t even know I had a question about. The answer, though, is your insight that I need only to accept what I am asking for.

I also can see that I got a premonition maybe six weeks ago that this issue was going to come up in precisely the place where it came up.

I’m going to try to create space for me to reflect and integrate all that you’ve shown me and allowed me to see. Thank you for feeling my need. I didn’t even know what I needed, but you came, and you gave it. I am so deeply grateful. You embodied those angel wings. Thank you, thank you

Paula P.


My 8-year-old daughter had a major Spider Phobia. Every time her skin came even close to a spiderweb she would go into a full panic mode and it would take a lot of energy to calm her down and assure her that she was safe. I often had to draw a bath for her and create a calming ritual after each spider encounter. She often had nightmares about spider attacks, and it woke us up from sleep.

I decided to let her work with Gyanpria and see how she does after a session. At first she was terrified because she didn’t know what to expect but Gyanpria reassured her that she was in a safe place there was nothing to fear.

She was skeptical,  but she trusted the treatment. Not to mention, Gyanpria’s soothing energy and calming voice helped  the process tremendously

Immediately after her session, the very first thing she said was, “can we go outside and see if there are any spiders?”!!!

That same day after the session, my son’s toy fell in the bushes by the pool, and he asked his sister to retrieve it for him since he was scared. Usually she would refuse knowing that there could be spiders in that area, but she decided to show how brave she was and got it for him.

I was able to see so much confidence in her and mostly she regained her courage and power back.

What amazes me most is that now she doesn’t even remember how terrified she was of spiders.

We moved into a different house in the mountains and she loves going on hikes and adores her nature teacher. She learned even more about other critters and creatures that live in the environment without any fear.

As a mother of child who struggles with anxiety and fears, I highly recommend working with Gyanpria. I think it targets the problem directly without spending so much time and money on therapies. It also helps that Gyanpria is so easy and flexible to work with kids and makes them feel safe and secure.



I am amazed at the progress I have made with Gyanpriya as my coach as I try to redefine my lifestyle and career choices in midlife. Her observations and insights have been invaluable in helping me to understand and reconcile seemingly conflicting internal needs. It has been an enriching experience for which I am forever grateful.


IT Executive

I highly recommend Gyanpria and Breathe Mediation to anyone who is looking to learn to meditate, manage stress and anxiety or just connect with other like-minded individuals. Gyanpria is a warm and beautiful soul. She taught me simple ways to ease anxiety in stressful situations, how to create my own home meditation space, and implement a daily practice. I always left with such a lovely feeling of well-being and calm. All aspects of my life have been positively affected, and I’m very grateful.

Angela W

There is a saying that when the student is ready, a teacher will appear. That was certainly the case for me a few months ago. I was grieving a major loss and trying to manage a mixed bag of emotions and anxious thoughts. Gyanpriya fosters a supportive environment. Our sessions helped me recalibrate my thoughts, get in touch with my spiritual side, and find some much-needed peace. I am so grateful.

Nicole D.