Everyday Wellness – A Simple, “All-in-One” Self-Care Practice

During this practice you will:

  • undo the physical and physiological effect of stress
  • harmonize your chakras or energy centers of your subtle body
  • activate your body’s relaxation response to induce mental and emotional balance
  • gently improve strength and flexibility
  • improve breathing, respiration and lung capacity to feed the brain more oxygen and begin to reverse the negative impact of shallow breathing on health and vitality
  • ground
  • practice mindfulness


Everyday Wellness

offered Mondays, Wednesdays & Fridays at 9:00am


Everyday Wellness is an integrated mix inspired by Qi Gong, classical Yoga, pranayama (breathing practices), meditation and other practices. This class supports the health and balance of both your physical and energy bodies.

The first part of the practice brings us into the present moment. It connects us to the physical body. stimulates the gentle flow of energy through all of the key energy channels and gently warms up the muscles and joints.

From there we progress to gentle yet energizing movements that tone the systems of the body and support proper functioning of the organs of the body. These movements are said to be the fountain of youth, the elixir of life.

In Friday’s super gentle class, the above section of class  is replaced with anti-rheumatic movements to release stiffness from the joints of the body.

The 3rd section of practice uses simple, static yoga postures to softly build strength and flexibility in body and mind. 

The next section of practice provides space to relax and find stillness. It allows the body/mind to integrate the effects of the practices. 

We end with breathing and meditation practice to connect to the our inner essence, where peace and harmony are both created and the answers to all of our questions can be found. This connection brings you a step closer to the Divine.

If you’re looking for a simple, holistic way to practice complete self care – this is it!


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