What’s in a word? Everything! Words carry vibration and influence our experiences. Therefore, I prefer not to use the term  yoga classes, because really they are a yoga sadhana or spiritual practice. Spiritual in the sense that regular practice leads to a deeper and more profound connection to oneself and the various elements of the world they inhabit. Spiritual – but not religious. They are a journey aimed at experiencing one of the forms of union the word yoga promises (more about union here). There is no teacher and no students, as one only truly learns yoga through practice. Your journey is unique to you. The path  you will discover for yourself – through consistent practice and yogic awareness.

You will learn yoga, but you are coming to practice rather than to class. I see myself as a facilitator of yoga and  you as a practitioner. So I use these terms.  My role is to share my knowledge and experience while guiding you in the practice of yoga. These are important, perhaps nuanced, distinctions. But they are part of what makes the practice of yoga different from group exercise classes.

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