Interested in Living Life with Intention by:

   ⌘  being your best self?

   ⌘  becoming the master gardener of your spiritual life?

   ⌘  living with greater purpose and less stress?

  ⌘  allowing change and letting go of resistance?

Breathe Meditation offers options to take your practice further. Explore the other tabs on this page and see opportunities to Live Life with Intention. Use the Book An Appointment button to schedule the type of session you most need right now.

Everyone can benefit from our personalized private meditation sessions, whether you are brand new to meditation, have some experience or are an expert meditator who has questions or would like to deepen your practice. You can book a single 30 minute session or 2 back-to-back 30 minute sessions (for a total of 1 hour of instruction). Each session is customized to suit your needs and interests.

These One:One sessions are multi-dimensional.







Using evidence-based techniques and award-winning technology, HeartMath will help you incorporate the heart’s intelligence into your day-to-day experience of life.
During your coaching sessions you will learn to connect heart and science in ways that empower you to greatly reduce stress, build resilience, and unlock your natural intuitive guidance for making better choices. Here are just a few examples of what you will learn in the HeartMath program.  How to:
  • manage anxiety and stress
  • prevent depletion
  • build resiliency
  • recharge your inner battery
  • handle difficult situations with less stress and better outcomes
Learn to use your heart’s intelligence and join over 5 million people whose lives have been transformed by HeartMath. Book an  appointment for a free assessment with Breathe’s certified HeartMath coach.

Learn and practice effective tools for managing and reducing the impact of:

  • stress
  • overwhelm
  • anxiety
  • panic attacks
  • fear
Get support creating greater calm and building resiliency to better manage and respond to life’s challenges. During these sessions you will be guided to create calm using a framework you can continue to use on your own in day-to-day life. 4, 8 and 12 session packages are available.

This program is for those who sense they are ready to live from the heart and experience more freedom in life. Book an appointment to learn more.











Time to Breathe is a convenient option for unstructured meditation practice or quiet time in the Breathe meditation lounge, on the balcony or in the main studio (when not in use). When you register for Time to Breathe you can use the studio at your convenience* to:
  • Create your own personal retreat
  • Slow down and breathe a little slower, and a little deeper
  • Practice yoga nidra when you need it most
  • Practice a self-guided meditation
  • Simply relax when you’re not in the mood for meditation or not yet ready to try meditating
  • Use HeartMath’s award-winning technology to improve focus, reduce stress and a maintain a more positive emotional state – no matter the stresses or problems that arise in daily life. The HeartMath app provides real-time monitoring of the impact of emotions on physiology and cognitive state.

Time to Breathe is an opportunity to retreat from the outside world and connect to the quiet self within, to move from a state of doing to one of being – in short, it is bliss.

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