3 Ways

to Peace & Calm

An Introduction to Yogic Meditation & Breathing

Private Instruction: 3 days, 3 new Meditation techniques


Try 3 Meditation Practices

Discover Which is Best for You

These 3 practices are amongst the 5 foundational practices I most often recommend for Meditation clients (depending upon their lifestyle, personality, and needs). I’ll guide you through each of the 3 methods over 3 days. You’ll learn effective ways to continue to practice.

Creating Stillness Meditation

Discover the joy of complete and utter stillness, with minimum effort. Experience psychic stillness. Words can’t describe this one. You have to experience it. It’s like dropping deep into the quietude of  your soul.

Inner SIlence Meditation

Learn how to systematically manage your thoughts – during meditation practice, and in your day-to-day life. If there is one meditation practice we should all master, this is it. It resolves our single biggest source of stress – our mind.

Mantra Meditation

I call Mantra meditation the “rocket ship to peace of mind.” Using a mantra allows you to sidestep a normal mindfulness practice and transports you from a busy or stressed mind through the door of inner peace to the bliss on the other side.