to get unstuck in your life, you have to address cause not the symptom


Root cause




Possible Signs of Limiting Beliefs


When these feelings or situations show up in yuur life repeatedly, despite your desire and effforts to change them, their is likely a limiting belief held in your subconscious mind that is the root cause.


  • “I feel stuck in my career, and I’m not sure what’s holding me back. I want to figure out how to overcome whatever is preventing me from advancing professionally.”
  • “I keep having the same issues in my relationships, and I can’t seem to break this pattern. I want to understand what’s causing these problems and work on improving my connections with others.”
  • “I struggle with self-confidence and often doubt myself. I want to learn how to build my confidence and feel more secure in my abilities.”
  • “I have a hard time committing to healthy habits, and I don’t know why. I’d like to explore what’s preventing me from sticking to a healthier lifestyle and work on overcoming those barriers.”
  • “I’m often anxious and worried in different areas of my life, and I want to find out what’s causing these feelings and learn how to manage them better.”
  • “I feel like I’m not reaching my full creative potential, and I don’t know what’s blocking me. I want to figure out how to unleash my creativity and express myself more freely.
  • “I always put things off and avoid making important decisions. I want to understand why I procrastinate and learn strategies to help me be more proactive and decisive.”
  • “I’m unsure about my life’s direction and what I’m truly passionate about. I want to gain clarity and find a path that aligns with my values and desires. 
  • “I want to be happier and more content in my life, but I feel like something is stopping me. I’d like to explore what’s holding me back from experiencing greater joy and satisfaction.”

Real Examples of How I Have Used This Protocol


Here are a few examples of themes I’ve helped clients – myself, to address, but the possibilities are endless:
  • business improvement

  • procrastination or lack of follow-through

  • stressful feelings, worry, fear around a particular situation

  • the need to be in control

  • courage, confidence, and strength to navigate a challenging set of circumstances

  • attracting a partner

  • making necessary lifestyle changes

  • a severe spider phobia

  • self confidence, self worth, self esteem