Gyanpriya, JD, E-RYT-500

Gyanpriya, JD, E-RYT-500

Founder Breathe Meditation

Recognized by Yoga Alliance as an expert yoga instructor (E-RYT 500),  Gyanpriya learned the practices of Yoga at the Bihar Yoga Bharati, Institute for Advanced Studies in Yogic Sciences (“BYB”), which has been designated by the Prime Minister of India as one of only 4 official centers for training in Yoga in the country. She has been trained to teach a wide range of meditation practices relevant to practical, day-to-day life. Her style of teaching makes meditation easy –  even for beginners. 

As a resident of yoga ashrams (monastic communities) she learned the practice of yoga as lifestyle, as a way of relating to the world and people around her, and as a philosophy for living in harmony with oneself and others. Following her strong calling towards monastic life, she was initiated into a ancient lineage of Yoga masters and has taught in their Teachers’ Training program and facilitated retreats.

Gyanpriya is also a Certified HeartMath Coach. HeartMath has transformed the lives of over 5 million people by teaching the neuroscience and physiology behind stress and anxiety. Based upon decades of research, HeartMath has developed practical tools for personal resiliency to train people to effectively prepare for, respond to, and recover from challenges, stress, and adversity. As a HeartMath Coach, Gyanpriya offers this training to others.

For those who experience stress and anxiety, feel overwhelmed, think too much or are dealing with difficult life circumstances or life changes, Gyanpriya designs custom programs to soothe and reverse the harmful effects of stress and to build resiliency. She works one-on-one or in groups.

For those who want to tap into the quantum physics of meditation, she guides them in practices to develop awareness of the subtle body, to unblock and improve the flow of prana (life force, energy), to raise their energetic frequency for spiritual evolution – and to contribute to global peace by first creating inner peace.

Prior to studying yoga, Gyanpriya earned degrees in Finance and Law. In addition to working in both fields, she started an award-winning furniture design firm. She had to close the firm when she became ill with a serious thyroid disease.  That illness started her on the path of Ayurveda (the ancient Indian system of natural medicine) in 2001, which she used to heal her thyroid and herself. Since then she has devoted her life to sharing the wisdom of these ancient systems with others. As a key part of this sharing,  she encourages clients to balance effort with ease, for one is inherent in the other. This is a hallmark of her teaching style.

In addition to the beautiful simplicity of mindful breathing, she appreciates the “little” things around her that bring beauty into the world –  the song of a bird,  the smell of the ocean,  the feel of the earth beneath  her feet,  the shape of a flower, a poem.


Laure Carter

Laure Carter

Ayurvedic Health & Lifestyle Coach

Laure Carter is on a mission to bring the perennial wisdom of Ayurveda to women. Her multi-cultural upbringing in both the US, Paris and Martinique as well as practicing Yoga and meditation at a young age uniquely prepared her for this calling. After her studies in Paris attaining a BA in English, Arabic and International Affairs, Laure began her career as an international model. For the last 13 years, Laure’s extensive training and multi-modality practice as an Experienced Yoga and Meditation Teacher, Ayurveda Health Educator, Digestive Health Coach, Plant-based Cooking Coach and Holistic Health Counselor has brought deep healing and profound transformation in her clients. Laure serves as a teacher, mentor, coach and guide to women who desire to feel healthy and whole so they can express their Highest Vision of Themselves and share their Life’s wisdom with a world in crisis.

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