Wild Horses Meditation

A 5-Day Meditation

Challenge & Mini-Course

A Question . . .   and a Story

 When’s the last time you hopped on a horse?

Maybe never? Maybe recently? Maybe like me  .  .  .  .   it’s been so long It’s a little hazy.

But, I never stopped loving horses!

As a child I took riding lessons. Once, as I was preparing for the day’s lesson,  a horse new to the stable suddenly entered the ring.

It came too close for my horse’s comfort, and the 2 horses started jockeying for position within the stable herd (I suppose).

They got into a tangle, and both horses began kicking and bucking. Ignoring my commands, my horse went from tamed to wild in an instant!

By some combination of skill and luck, probably much more of the latter : ) –  I didn’t get thrown off.

This reminds me of an old story about a king who had four totally untamed horses. And he wanted to ride them.

He offered land and riches to any trainer who could wrangle these wild animals.

Men came from near and far, and used every ounce of will and sweat to try and break them. But the horses just became more out of control, throwing the trainers off, breaking limbs, causing injuries.

Then along came a young boy. He said, “I will train them. But you must leave them with me for one year. I will bring them back, tamed.” 

The king was dubious, but desperate. The boy took the horses. And four long seasons passed. 

One day the king looked out and saw the horses, walking step in step. The boy rode atop one of them. And all were perfectly calm. They had been tamed.

“How did you do it?” The king asked. 

“It was easy,” said the boy. 

“Usually trainers immediately mount horses and try to control them. I befriended them. When the horses slept, I slept. When they ate, I ate. When they drank, I drank.

They were skittish at first, but over time, they settled down and let me touch them.

Then I started mounting them. And then riding them.

I followed their lead.”

Based upon decades of experience, I can tell you, the mind is the same. 

It can act like an untamed horse. Or it can behave like the one from my childhood riding lesson – becoming out of control in the blink of an eye.

If we try and control the mind, it’ll rebel.

That’s why when you attempt meditation and think you have to clear the mind, you end up battling your thoughts instead. The mind simply ignores you (like my horse did me), and goes wild with a never-ending stream of thoughts.

The key is to befriend the mind. 

And I’m going to teach you how. 

In fact, that’s just one of the meditation techniques I’m sharing in my…

Wild Horses Meditation

Challenge and Mini-Course

Enroll & Experience My Top 5 Meditation Practices!

These are the foundational practices I most often recommend for Meditation clients (depending upon their lifestyle, personality and needs).

*Scroll to the end for a short description of each meditation

Creating Stillness

Creating Calm

Inner Silence

Yoga Nidra


Discover How To

  • Locate your zone of stillness
  • Use the breath to change your mind
  • Watch the world get quiet
  • Create inner calm from turmoil
  • Tame your thoughts
  • Soak in your inner peace . . .  and spread it into the world
  • Get the benefits of 2 hours of sleep in 30 minutes

Learn to Meditate

Deepen Your Awareness

Make Meditation Habit

Your Meditation Practice is More Important Now Than Ever Before

Your meditation practice will support physical, mental and emotional well being. It can be used as a pillar of your spirituality. It will help you raise your vibration and your “feelin’ good!” quotient. Even when the ground beneath your feet is shifting.

No matter what’s going on for you right now, whether you’re …

  • Battling Coronavirus Caution fatigue or fed up with “isolating” and masks
  • Longing for stillness
  • Craving a spiritual connection
  • Missing group meditation practice
  • Stressed about finances and work
  • Searching for a meditation practice that actually works for you
  • Feeling anxious due to all the change and uncertainty in life right now

. . . meditation can help you ground, center and bring emotional harmony. It leaves you feeling lighter and more peaceful.

So I’ve created this space for us.

Whether you’re a meditation newbie or an expert meditator, you will benefit from the Wild Horses mini-course and challenge.

And if you struggle to harness the wild bucking of your mind, Wild Horses has something for you.

I attended my first session with Gyanpriya . . .  it was the most amazing experience I have had in a really long time. I was transported to another world through Gyanpriya’s soft voice and my body was so relaxed. If you are stressed or just need to have a calming, quiet experience, I highly recommend attending one of Gyanpriya’s meditation sessions.

Marlyn Black

What's Included

 5 total mediation sessions that include Q&A, Discussion & “How to” for each practice + 1 Practice Lab session (Practice Lab date will be set in session 1).

* Each session will be offered online live and run approximately 45-60 minutes. In addition to the 5 distinct styles of group meditation, I’ll teach you the 5 key elements of a successful practice and there will be time for group discussion.

* You’ll also get 1 Practice Lab session, where you can fine-tune and learn more about the practices. You’ll have the chance to get answers to your questions so you can develop a sustainable meditation practice. One that you love!

* Limited time replays of each guided meditation


Date: April 24th-28th (Saturday-Wednesday)


Time: 7:00pm


Location: Online via Zoom


Investment: $ 39

Don’t worry if you have to miss one of the live sessions. You’ll have access to the recording of each day’s meditation practice through May 6th (to support you to stay on a daily track!)

Meditation Descriptions

Creating Stillness 

Discover the joy of complete and utter stillness, with minimum effort. Words can’t describe this one. You have to experience it.

Creating Calm 

Balance and calm your nervous system with this breathing-based technique. Perfect for resetting your mind and emotions anytime of day. Or throughout the day.

Inner Silence*  

Learn how to systematically manage your thoughts – during meditation practice, and in your day-to-day life. If there is one meditation practice we should all master, this is it. It resolves our single biggest source of stress.

Yoga Nidra Deep Relaxation

Profoundly relaxing, this classical approach to Yoga Nidra is your missing “Off” switch. It relaxes, heals and transforms, allowing you to float between states of consciousness in a way not normally possible. It’s essentially the only way to fully release all your physical, mental and emotional tension. And  . . .  this is a meditation practice best done while lying down!


 I call Mantra meditation the “rocket ship to peace of mind.” Using a mantra allows you to sidestep a normal mindfulness practice and transports you from a busy  or stressed mind through the door of inner peace to the bliss on the other side. Traditionally, depending upon the kind of Mantra recited, Mantra meditation is used as a tool for awakening and transcedance.


* Here’s what one student had to say about the Inner Silence practice (an excerpt from a longer testimonial).

. . . . I enjoy the exercises she uses to train our brains. It has helped me to meditate more easily in my home practice now.

Melissa Vlahos

Find your balance, energy & happiness the natural way. Meditate.

About Me

Initiated into an ancient lineage of Yoga and Meditaion masters, I learned meditation as a resident in the ashrams of India, the mountains of Australia, and the best little Yoga Meditation academy in the Midwest USA.

But my earliest foray into the world that encompasses meditation was when I was 11 years old.

While in the Library roaming through the Religion and Spirituality section, I stumbled across a little blue book titled “Metaphysics”.

I had no idea what that word meant, but I knew that book was going home with me. There was nothing I wanted more than to “know” what was inside.

I began my first meditation practice after college. I had a big, empty walk-in closet. I would sit inside practicing Insight Meditation, which I learned from a book. 

That closet was my very first “meditation room”. 

Then life took over and I stopped meditating. Work in my profession, marathon training, law school, building a business, relationships. Flowing through life. These consumed me.

Of course, none of them are mutually exclusive to meditation. But, it never occurred to me. I suppose it’s when we hit a speed bump of some sort in life that we begin to reach for support.

For me, it was a severe thyroid issue that took me back to meditation. In fact Meditation and Ayurveda remedies and lifestyle were key elements of my healing journey.

These days I use meditation to smooth life’s rough edges, manage stress and negative emotions, make better decisions, support better health and vitality –  and to generally hang out in serenity.

Meditation soothes my nerves, quiets my mind and makes me feel peaceful. Happy. Content.

I feel so lucky when I have the chance to guide others to develop a sustainable meditation practice so they too can be peaceful. Happy. Content.  And hang out in serenity a little more often.

So I’d love for you to join me for my Wild Horses mini-course and meditation experience. Just click the button below and sign up.

Be kind to yourself, be kind to others,