Yoga Nidra: The Ultimate Practice For Relaxation and Transformation

““Even while sleeping, thoughts and worries revolve in the mind, so that the tense person wakes up feeling exhausted. In order to relax completely, the inner tensions of the body, emotions and mind must be released. Then the actual state of relaxation dawns. The practice of yoga nidra is the scientific method of removing these tensions.” Swami Satyananda


Satyananda Yoga Nidra®

offered Mondays,  7:00pm to 8pm


Satyananda Yoga Nidra® is your missing “Off” switch. A form of guided meditation done while lying down, this powerful practice was devised by Paramahamsa Satyananda based upon ancient tantric and other yoga practices.  It’s a tool that turns off the mind for deep relaxation and profound transformation. 

Yoga Nidra  relaxes, heals and transforms. It allows you to freely move between states of consciousness in a way not normally possible, and leaves you feeling calm and rejuvenated. The practice brings your natural creative powers to the forefront making it easier to both manage the challenges that arise in life, and to manifest what you desire for your life, resulting in greater confidence and joy. A few of the many benefits of realized by practitioners of Satyanananda Yoga Nidra include:


  • relief from insomina
  • the complete relaxation of the entire body-mind-spirit complex, which relieves muscular, mental and emotional tensions and stress
  • release of stored memories and emotions that, without our conscious awareness, influence the way we think, perceive and behave – often times in counterproductive ways.


Yoga Nidra is essentially the only way to truly release all physical tension, all mental tension and all emotional tension. If you feel tired, worn out, overwhelmed, stressed, anxious or lethargic this is the practice you should’t miss. If you want to manifest change in your life or your personality, this is the practice your shouldn’t miss. If you want to disconnect and just stop for a moment, this practice is for you. And if you’re in need of  self-care, Yoga Nidra is  waiting for you . . .

There are many different practices called yoga nidra. Come experience this one!

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