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Breathe, Relax, Meditate

Join me to learn to breathe, relax and meditate in this introductory workshop. You will learn different ways to meditate, how breathing practice relates to meditation, tips for starting a home practice. Practice and Q&A. This class is perfect for everyone.

Sunday, Feb 9th 2pm

New Moon Women's Circle

Gather with us for our new moon circle and make magic! We’ll explore the messages of the lunar cycles, feminine wisdom, meditation, talking stick sharing circles, oracle cards and more.  It’s all love in this safe space to show up as you are – from the inside out. All love. All One.

Sunday, February 23rd 2pm-4pm.

Spring Equinox Ceremony

Rain from the Stars

Join us for a special celebration of the Spring Equinox with a Cacao Ceremony, Lunar Meditation, Crystal Bowls, Tibetan bowls, Gong, Amazonian instruments and vocal sounds, and charged crystals/stones.

Saturday, March 21st, 7pm


How Can I Help You Thrive?






Gyanpriya’s gentle voice and the serene atmosphere she creates for meditation classes allows me to drift into silence easily. I always leave class feeling relaxed, peaceful and grounded. Also, I enjoy the exercises she uses to train our brains. It has helped me to meditate more easily in my home practice now.

Melissa Vlahos


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How It Works

Connect with Us

Listed below are the ways you connect with us. You can start wherever you choose. There’s no particular sequence.

If you’re unsure of what’s best for you or want to meet up on the phone or in the studio to learn more about who we are and want we do in a more personal way just schedule a free intro meetup session.

Free Intro MeetUp Session

We love the personalized touch! If you do too and would like to meet in person or virtually (phone, Zoom, WhatsApp, Facetime) to see the studio and learn more about us, phone or text to schedule your free meet up session. Contact Us.

Enroll in a Group Mini-Course or Workshop

We offer 3-part mini-series called In A Nutshell to allow students to experience and explore different kinds of practices and wisdom related to our key offerings (breathing, relaxation, meditation, healing and transformation).

This approach, which was a part of the original intent and a key element of the way we serve,  gives you a chance to learn, practice and grow in  your understanding of what works for you, how you can best take advantage of what we offer to bring more “thrive” into your life, and to experience more abiding inner peace. Schedule

Single Classes

We offer single classes for those who want to dip their toe in the water of breathing, relaxation or meditation, before more fully wading into the pool of calm they create. These classes are offered once a week and on special occasions. Check the schedule for dates. Phone if you have questions.

Book a Custom & Confidential Private Session

This is our signature private session offering but can also be tailored for private groups. In these sessions you get the best of what we offer based upon your unique profile. If you’re unsure we’ll help you uncover what would be most beneficial for you.

Theses sessions are truly transformative and might include:

  • breath work,
  • meditation,
  • energy healing techniques,
  • intuition development,
  • yoga postures,
  • mantra,
  • reprogramming the subconcsious mind to shift limiting beliefs (conscioous awareness of these beliefs is not necessary, we’ll show you how to reveal them),
  • coaching
  • spiritual mentoring

or other unique approaches to develop self-awareness, raise your frequency, harmonize  your chakras and more.

Phone or text 954-870-0508 to schedule or find out more.

Enroll in Our Game-Changing Let Go! Program

This is our signature program that will effectively transform the way stress and anxiety works in and on your life, giving you more control and guiding you to shift negative thinking to positive action. You’ll begin to see how it might be possible to not just reduce, but even eliminate, most stress from your life.

Past participants have realized tangible benefits from the very first module of this 7-part program. Join the waitlist for updates.

Join our Living with Soul Series

Living with Soul is a gathering of like-minded people who want to nurture self-love and personal growth – mind, heart and emotions. These gatherings will be interactive, uplifting, transformative and fun. Join us for Chakra Love. The first class is December 8th. Register here.

Gratitude is What We Feel . . .

when students have this kind of expperience: “From the moment I walked thru the door, I felt a calming and peaceful energy drawing me into the space. The instructor welcomed me and as we spoke I knew that I had found the place for me. If you are looking for a place of acceptance, meditation and emotional safety to find some peace and stillness in this frenetic world, you owe it to yourself to embrace this experience. I am excited for my next visit and honestly would be there every day if I could.” Dawn Rodriguez

Manage Your Mind:

How To Let Go of Stress and Shift

Negative Thinking to Positive Action 

Finally, a guided program that offers personalized support to help you stress less, ease anxiety and build resilience so you can ditch the confusion, relieve overwhelm and be the calm, clear and present person that you really want to be.

Spring Equinox Sound Ceremony

Rain from the Stars

Spring Equinox & Cacao Ceremony

7:00 - 9:00pm

Saturday, March 21st

Welcome Spring with

Ancestral Amazonian Healing Sounds with

Cacao, Crystals, Gong, Crystal Bowls,

Tibetan Bowls and more

space is very limited.

Go ahead and save yours now!

Try one of our 3-part series – and see what happens

Yoga Nidra

A deeply relaxing practice, Satyananda Yoga Nidra® is your  personal “off-switch”.

Creating Stillness

Slow your breath, your mind will follow” – I always say. Experience why.

Allowing Silence

Move from a too-busy monkey mind to a active, yet still  “never-mind”.

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