Take 3 Slow Breaths

now softly close your eyes  .  .  .    and repeat. 

Your Breath Is Natural Medicine

For Your Body

to let go of physical tension that comes from rushing, from being too busy, thinking too much, poor posture, inadequate nourishment and dehydration. And unreleased physical tension accumulates in the body. This wears down the systems of the body and eventually causes malfunction.

For Your Mind

to slow the never ending patterns of thinking.  These patterns tend to revolve around thoughts that create stress, or that are distressing, far more than joyful ones. Unbroken chains of thought are natural for the untrained mind – until we learn to pause and slow the flow.

For Your Emotions

to soften stressful emotions arising from your thoughts about events, situations and circumstance in your life that are not to your liking. Stressful emotions adversely impact both body and mind. The good news is the breath can make it all right again!