What Brings Your Joy in Life?

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Here’s how I can support you


Private Sessions

Private sessions. I will design a program aligned with your needs, goals, interests, and lifestyle. Your sessions can include any of the following:

Yoga postures, Meditation, Breathwork training

A Stress Management Strategy

Subconscious Clearing of limiting beliefs, phobias, conditioning

Creating healthy boundaries and higher frequency emotional states

Energy Healing

Intuitive Development

Spiritual Mentoring

Other creative content

Who is this package for?

This program is for you if you prefer a custom-designed program and private instruction and guidance.

What to expect?

You will be guided through your program in live online sessions or in-person sessions. The schedule, program length, and program content will be decided in the initial stage during our discovery session and included in your  program agreement.

What's Included ?

One-to-one sessions with Gyanpriya according to your program agreement.




“The work we did through our expansive sessions has been transformative.

Richard Yavel, CPA

Angel Wings

Thank you for sharing the Angels/guides vs. mothering story. It took a second for me to integrate that, but it was spot on and the answer, it turns out, to the deeper question I’ve been wrestling with. And you also answered the pattern of the pain problem, which I didn’t even know I had a question about. Thank you for feeling my need. I didn’t even know what I needed, but you came, and you gave it. I am so deeply grateful.

Paula, Writer

Phobia Eliminated

As a mother of a child who struggles with anxiety and fears, I highly recommend working with Gyanpria. I think it targets the problem directly without spending so much time and money on therapies. It also helps that Gyanpria is so easy and flexible to work with kids and makes them feel safe and secure.

Safaa, Retreat Owner

Redefining Lifestyle & Career

I am amazed at the progress I have made with Gyanpriya as my coach as I try to redefine my lifestyle and career choices in midlife. Her observations and insights have been invaluable in helping me to understand and reconcile seemingly conflicting internal needs. It has been an enriching experience for which I am forever grateful.

I.E, Tech Executive

“I highly recommend Gyanpria to anyone who is looking to learn to meditate, manage stress and anxiety.”

She taught me simple ways to ease anxiety in stressful situations; how to create my own home meditation space and implement a daily practice. All aspects of my life have been positively affected and I’m very grateful.”

Angela W.

“Gyanpriya led such an amazing meditation and brought me to a place of relaxation that I have never been.”

I have led meditations and practiced it for years. But my experience was so incredible! That total peaceful feeling remained with me and I slept so deeply. 

Shelley S.

“Gyanpriya’s meditation session was the most amazing experience I have had in a really long time.”

I was transported to another world through the Gyanpriya’s soft voice and my body was so relaxed. If you are stressed or just need to have a calming, quiet experience, I highly recommend attending one.

Marlyn B.