Students Speak

I keep learning about me. The work we did together through our expansive yoga and meditation sessions has been transformative.

Rich Yavel


Gyanpriya’s gentle voice and the serene atmosphere she creates for meditation classes allows me to drift into silence easily. I always leave class feeling relaxed, peaceful and grounded. Also, I enjoy the exercises she uses to train our brains. It has helped me to meditate more easily in my home practice now.
Melissa Vlahos


Gyanpriya is one of the most deeply spiritual people I know.  She understands the true meaning and goal of meditation and leads us down that beautiful path in every session. I am most at peace and centered during and after her meditation sessions.  My sleep after these sessions is the best all week.

Mike J

Business Executive

I’ve never been as comfortable in a yoga or meditation class as I’ve been with Gyanpriya. Though knowledgeable on the theory of meditation, her classes focus on the practice. Witnessing, being mindful, staying present. Her guidance is always gentle and clear, and often given with a smile and a laugh.  She makes it easy to find inner stillness and engenders the feeling that you are on a good road. Enough said–experience and witness for yourself.
Irwin Rubin

Partner, CPA Firm

Hi Gyanpriya! Love the meditation sessions. The strategy is so helpful. On Monday the class helped me make a big decision! Thank you!

Pat Handley-Johnson


I always enjoy my meditation experience with Gyanpriya. Her soothing voice transports you to a very peaceful place. I highly recommend this class if you need to quiet the monkey mind and relax.
Safaa Kagan

Busy Mom

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