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Meditation practice with Breathe Meditation stems from Raja Yoga (Royal Yoga) from the ancient Yoga Sutras and Tantric texts. Like more modern meditation styles, our practices will open the door to peace and relaxation, support better focus, clarity, and sleep, and increase mindfulness and awareness. But students say these are a few of the characteristics that especially appreciate.

One is they go beyond releasing stress and the health and well-being benefits it brings. They also train you to build greater resiliency and begin to “stress-proof” yourself, to master your mind, and to control negative and excessive thinking. They give you tools to use in the moment, and in your formal practice, to reclaim balance and to center.

Another is that Breathe Meditation practices include those that can serve as a basis for developing a spiritual practice – if you choose, and in whatever way you choose. There are practices to raise your level of consciousness and your frequency or to establish a deeper connection to the Divine in whatever way you define or relate to it. It doesn’t matter what your religious beliefs or whether you have any.

A third is that students don’t always know how to describe is that Gyanpriya facilitates practices based on nuanced techniques that make deeper meditative states and experiences attainable by all – even those new to meditation. She has embodied the essence of the practices through decades of focused practice, living as a monk in a traditional Yoga ashram (monastic community), training from Yoga masters who are part of a recognized unbroken lineage that goes back 100s of years, and from teaching and learning from students over the past 20 years.


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Student Review

I enjoy the exercises Gyanpriya uses to train our brains.

They helped me to meditate more easily in my home practice.

Melissa Vlahos