“I’ve Never Been As Comfortable In A Meditation Class

as I’ve been with Gyanpriya”


Your Meditation Instructor

Hello and welcome! I’m Gyanpriya. I’m happy you are here!

Join me and let’s :

🪷 address your stress

🪷 retrain your brain, and

🪷 attune to the wisdom within.

Here’s a birdseye preview of how I journeyed to this present chapter of my life. Someday I’d love to hear how your journeyed to yours.

Initiated into an ancient lineage of Indian Yoga and Meditation masters 20 years ago, I learned meditation and spiritual practice as a resident in the ashrams of India, the mountains of Australia, and the best little Yoga Meditation academy in the Midwest USA. Since then, Yoga/Meditation has been my life, my way of life.

But it all started at age 11.

While in the library roaming through the Religion and Spirituality section, I stumbled across a little blue book titled “Metaphysics”. I had no idea what that word meant, but there was nothing I wanted more than to “know” what was inside.

I began my first meditation practice after college. I had a big, empty walk-in closet. I would sit inside it practicing Insight Meditation, which I learned from a book.

That closet was my very first “meditation room”.

Then life took over and I stopped meditating. Work in my profession, marathon training, law school, building a business, relationships, and flowing through life. These consumed me.

Of course, none of them are mutually exclusive to meditation. But, it never occurred to me. I suppose it’s when we hit a speed bump of some sort in life that we begin to reach for support.

For me, it was a severe thyroid condition that took me back to Meditation. In fact, Yoga and Ayurveda remedies and lifestyle were the key elements of my healing journey. I would say they saved my life.

Over time, life has planted me on 4 continents, moving me from fields as diverse as law, award-winning furniture design, and monastic life. During that time, I experienced several intense awakening journeys And it was revealed to me in a vision, long before I understood what it meant, that facilitating peace and healing in others is my life purpose. Out of it all, and with the support of angels I met along the way, Breathe Meditation studio was born, and with it my dream to create a serene space for self-exploration, spiritual development, and deep relaxation.

These days I use a Meditation Lifestyle to smooth life’s rough edges, manage stress and negative emotions, make better decisions, support better health and vitality –  and to generally hang out in serenity. It soothes my nerves, quiets my mind, and makes me feel peaceful. Happy. Content. I feel lucky when I have the chance to guide others to develop a sustainable Meditation practice and lifestyle so they too can be peaceful, happy, content – and hang out in serenity a little more often.

Although I had to close the studio, the dream and spirit of Breathe Meditation lives on. I’m offering mostly virtual (for now) live group classes and programs. In-person events are offered on a limited basis or by request until I find a lovely space to hold them. Private sessions can be in-person or virtual. And if you’re not in SoFLo, you are welcome too! Join me online.

Hope to see you in practice soon!



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