Prana and Well-Being

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Prana: The Vital Life Force and Its Role in Enhancing Well-being

Daily life is a whirlwind of activities that often leaves us disconnected from our inner selves. Amid this chaos, ‘Prana’ emerges as a concept that links the spiritual, physical, and emotional facets of our existence.

Originating from Sanskrit, ‘Prana’ signifies ‘life force’ or ‘vital energy’. This universal energy is the foundation of all life forms, from the smallest organisms to humans, permeating everything around us, including the very air we breathe. In relation to humans, prana is the life-sustaining energy that drives our mental and physical actions and upholds our overall well-being.

“Prana is the invisible force that powers our universe, seen in every breath of life. Breathe with intent, let it shape your success, influence, and identity. – Inspired by Swami Vivekananda and Yogi Bhajan

The Prana-Well-being Connection


The connection between prana and well-being is grounded in the concept of equilibrium. A balanced prana leads to good health, vitality, and mental clarity. Conversely, blockages or imbalances in this energy can result in physical discomfort, emotional turbulence, and a general feeling of malaise.

For instance, after a grueling day at work, you might feel completely spent – a sign of your prana being drained. Conversely, a refreshing morning jog or a peaceful night’s rest can leave you feeling revitalized – an indication of your prana being restored.

Breathing in, I calm body and mind. Breathing out, I smile. Dwelling in the present moment, I am fueled by the cosmic energy of prana. This is the only moment.

Everyday Examples of Prana


Prana isn’t an abstract concept; it’s deeply intertwined with our daily existence. Every activity we undertake, whether it’s eating, breathing, thinking, or feeling, involves the use of prana.

Take the example of our diet. As per Ayurvedic principles, foods that are fresh and organic are rich in prana, while processed foods possess low or negligible prana3. Hence, incorporating fresh fruits, vegetables, and whole grains into our meals can boost our pranic energy, leading to improved physical health and mental lucidity.

Prana and Pranayama: A Symbiotic Relationship


Pranayama, a crucial element of yoga, consists of breathing exercises aimed at regulating and balancing prana. The term ‘Pranayama’ is a combination of ‘Prana’ (life force) and ‘Ayama’ (control or expansion).

Regular practice of pranayama can significantly enhance our well-being. For example, ‘Nadi Shodhana’ or ‘Alternate Nostril Breathing’ helps balance prana, resulting in physical relaxation and mental tranquility. Similarly, ‘Kapalabhati’ or ‘Skull Shining Breath’ invigorates the body and clears the mind, effectively boosting our pranic energy5.

Another way to increase prana is by spending time in nature. The fresh air and peaceful surroundings are rich in prana and help replenish our energy levels.

In conclusion, comprehending and harnessing prana can lead to substantial improvements in our well-being. By making mindful decisions about our diet, practicing pranayama, spending time in nature, and maintaining a balanced lifestyle, we can ensure an optimal flow of prana, paving the way for a healthier and more fulfilling life.

*  I am an internationally accredited Pranayama instructor with nearly two decades of experience practicing and teaching. I have learned and practiced pranamaya practices as taught to my by masters of Yoga in my 3-year teacher training program and as a resident of ashrams in India and Australia. If you want to learn to practice pranayam safely, correctly, and progressively send an email with “Teach Me Pranayama” in the subject line.

“Just as lions, elephants and tigers are tamed very slowly and cautiously, so should prana be brought under control very slowly in gradation measured according to one’s capacity and physical limitations. Otherwise it will kill the practitioner.” – Hatha Yoga Pradipika (Chapter II, Verse 15)

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